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Custom Lighting

Landscaping is important to many of us. Lighting can enhance your landscape dramatically, as well as have significant security implications. US Power Pros Electric will work with you to design outdoor lighting that is both aesthetically appealing and practical.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is an efficient, cost effective way to light up a room, home, or office space. We can install new hardware for you, or replace damaged and old lighting, giving you a brighter, lighter space. Our electricians have carried out projects on a large and small scale, providing our customers with beautiful lighting that they can count on.

Lighting Design & Maintenance

When it comes to designing the lighting in your home, you want someone that you can trust to carry out your ideas. US Power Pros Electric works closely with our clients to ensure that we execute the look that they have always desired.

The man is wearing a blue shirt.
The man is wearing a blue shirt.