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Service Calls

Our electricians go through vigorous training and continuing education on troubleshooting techniques and National Electrical Code requirements. Our electricians are equipped with the latest advancements in troubleshooting tools and techniques along with quality parts so that they can provide top-quality residential electrical repair, installation, and maintenance on any system. We also learn from each other in weekly training sessions where we discuss better ways to serve our customers when providing electric repair, installation, or maintenance services.

Electrical Inspections

When you’re in need of an electrical inspection for your home or business contact our service department. Inspections are typically needed for insurance reasons or the sale of property. It is always recommended when moving into a new home or business to determine if there are any electrical hazards to the system or major repairs that may be needed.

Lightning Inspection

Living in the Tampa and Brandon area exposes us to lightning during the stormy season. For inspection and repairs after your home has been hit, or nearly hit, by lightning call our service department. The electricians will check your electrical panel and look for any signs of damage to your electrical system and make those repairs with your authorization.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is recommended every couple of years to extend the life span of your panel. With just a little TLC, you can avoid having to replace a panel that would have lasted you many more years.


This is usually recommended on older homes. The wiring in older homes is inferior to what is installed to today’s standards. If your in need of a rewire we can deliver a trouble free and energy efficient installation that meets and exceeds today’s guidelines by the National Electric Code. Performing a rewire with minimal drywall damage is one of our ingredients for success.

Service Upgrades

We can install service upgrades for your home or business. Service upgrades are often needed on older homes. At the time these homes were built there was not as much electrical equipment as there is now in the home that draws power.

Parts and equipment installed by US Power Pros’s electricians for service upgrades are top quality. Our electricians are well trained and schooled on installation techniques and codes for a safe and trouble free installation to deliver years of piece of mind.

Electric Repair

We can complete any home electrical repair that you need, from broken outlets and switches to outdated breakers and panels. One call to US Power Pros, Inc. is all it takes to get a top-rated, skilled technician to your door.